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FIDELIS - offer of government securities
issued by the Ministry of Finance

What are Fidelis government bonds?

Government bonds are issued by the Ministry of Finance and are intended to finance the state. Fidelis government bonds are an alternative to bank deposits and are aimed at investors who take a low risk but have a medium tolerance for loss/decline of the amount invested.

With Fidelis government bonds, you have access to the money all the time and there is the possibility to sell only part of it to take possession of only part of the total amount invested.

The nominal value of a Fidelis government bond is 100 lei for the lei issue and 100 euro for the euro issue, and the minimum subscription threshold is 5,000 lei and 1,000 euro respectively.

An investment in government securities also involves certain risks related to legislative changes, changes in tax legislation, changes in interest rates or in the market price of these financial instruments.

Invest smart in Fidelis government bonds! For more information, contact us at or on 0374 77 88 77.


By purchasing them, you enjoy a number of positive features such as:

- access to money all the time;

- securities can be sold before maturity and you also receive interest for the holding period;

- the cumulative gains from interest and profits are non-taxable

- flexibility in portfolio management and diversification