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Advice on mergers and acquisitions


We offer M&A services to growing private companies and potential investors. 

Whether a client's objective is to increase market share, focus or diversify the company's business, make better use of financial resources, or exploit strategic synergies, we mobilise a dedicated set of activities to research, structure and successfully close the acquisition process.


We apply our expertise in financing services and management consulting to structure the best conditions for our clients. Collaborations with international partners give us exposure to cross-border transactions, both for mature and emerging M&A markets. This enables us to proactively overcome the challenges raised in the processes of closing international transactions: be they legislative/regulatory, systemic, cultural and legal differences.

With a comprehensive professional network supported by long-term partnerships, both in Romania and internationally, and with the help of extensive resources at the financial group level, we can easily identify the right partners, strategic or financial, in any field or the right buyers.

Selling, through comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the company. Through its distribution network, both local and international, BT Capital Partners assists in the preparation of marketing documents, the identification of potential investors (international strategic investors and private equity funds), negotiations with investors and the closing of the transaction.

Acquisition, by identifying and evaluating potential target companies according to the client's stated objectives: increasing market share, diversifying products and services, using excess cash for strategic investments and potential synergies. BT Capital Partners will assist you throughout the process, in the issuance of offers (financial and commercial structure), in the negotiation process and until the closing of the transaction.

Merger, either by absorption or merger, by assessing operational and financial synergies and then quantifying the impact these have on the value of the newly formed company.
Miscellaneous spin-off, split-off, split-out and carve-out transactions.
Leverage Buyout (LBO), the process of acquiring a company or business division - the "target company" - using financing for a portion of the amount needed for the transaction.
Management Buyout (MBO), an LBO transaction initiated and coordinated by the existing management team seeking to acquire the company.
Joint Venture (JV) - An economic arrangement in which two or more parties agree to pool resources for the purpose of carrying out a specific activity or project.

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